What if you did this?

I am going to assume that most people who read this blog are fairly normal citizens.

We pay our taxes, we abide by most of the laws (okay who else has ever exceeded the posted speed?), and we like living in a place where we have security and freedom.


What if you decided you didn’t want to participate?

What if you decided you were going to go live in a tent in the heart of the nation’s capitol and desecrate a monument to make a point? Would you expect to be arrested? Would you expect to pay a fine? Would you expect to at the very least get some kind of ticket?


Well, apparently, not if you are one of these idiots:


By the way, thanks to those brave guys who showed up to do the job the police should have already done.

Notice which people were walked off by the Feds?

If anyone hears of a group trying to organize to free the General, please drop me a note. I am too old and out of shape to do it alone, but I think I have one more campaign left in me if I am not alone.

FREE THE GENERAL… after all, didn’t he give his life to free the slaves?

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