Liberty Call

The crew and I are making a liberty call this week to the location where my Dad’s old Boot Camp was once located near Geneva, NY on Lake Seneca.

I wrote a book about his service in World War 2. The book was based on a collection of his letters we found after he passed away.

I will be back at the helm in a few days with more leansubmarine log entries.

Mister Mac

2 thoughts on “Liberty Call

  1. i was on Seneca Lake that day in Geneva. I wish I had known. Would’ve loved to have met up and reminisced…

    Mike Pedersen

    1. Mike,

      This is the strangest coincidence… Debbie and I were just looking at pictures from the Indy web page about an hour ago and linked in to look at more current pictures of you. You should have heard the unhappy outcry when she heard what I just read to her about almost seeing you! We were in Geneva for a while but all those bikes were a bit intimidating… just a guess but I assume you were riding in for the event?

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