Life on a sub

A recurring question most boat sailors hear most has to do with what it’s like to live on a submarine. If you think about it, purposely going underwater for months at a time isn’t exactly what you learn about in schools when it comes to life. The Navy has an interesting link up right now […]

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A new day

Today was a special day. My business web site went live today! I will still continue to add stories and commentary to the Lean Submariner but the website is my way to satisfy my passion for business process improvement, training services, and speaking. Check it out if you get the chance. In the next […]

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The Submariner

Looking back over the last forty years, my thoughts of what a good submariner looks like have become much clearer. I have not been on a boat for over twenty years but there are some things that still stand out even through the haze of the years. I should tell you that I greatly admire […]

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SSN 711

Seven years ago, an event happened on the USS San Francisco that serves as a reminder that even in this day of modern technology and science, the ocean is still mightier in its capability to test man’s limitations. On January 8th 2005 at 0243 GMY, she collided with a sea mount resulting in massive damage […]

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