Keep on Trucking… or else

  Note: this is one of those rare posts I make that is not military or submarine related. It is about Lean Systems, however. We are potentially on the precipice of a national disaster, and I fear that the people in charge do not have a clue of its magnitude. When I was growing up, […]

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In the beginning…

“The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb When I started this small blog over ten months ago, I really only had two goals. The first was to have an outlet where I could share stories about two of my favorite subjects (lean manufacturing and submarines). Today marks […]

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Presidents, Politics and Policies: How Thomas Jefferson almost killed the Republic

Without a doubt, Thomas Jefferson was one of the most influential Presidents of our countries history. He was a thoughtful man who placed much value education and knowledge. As any person is capable of having a blind spot or two, Jefferson and his contemporaries made decisions that almost cost us a country 200 years ago. […]

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Gold! There’s Gold out there!

January 24 1848 is a day that will live forever as one that changed American history. John Sutter had hired a millwright named James Marshall to construct a sawmill along the south fork of the American River. The water was not flowing in the right vicinity so they cut a fresh millrace. The timber from […]

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Location, location, location

After living near the sea coast for most of my life, living in farm country is a unique experience. What’s particularly interesting is that we live between several large chocolate companies and a number of farms. Inside the house, you can see the weather rolling in from a number of directions. But you really have […]

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