A bit of a wild streak … the Navy Mustang

Leadership is needed now more than ever


I swiped this from Wikipedia today and thought it was a pretty cool description of what a “Mustang” is.

I was blessed to be one of thirteen Submarine Engineering Technician Chief Warrant Officers selected the year I crossed over. I knew quite a few guys on the list. Most of us had made Chief the same year. The journey was pretty remarkable and I am glad I was one of the ones that was chosen.
So here it is:
A mustang is characterized by former enlisted service prior to transitioning to officer rank. As a slang term, there is no official U.S. Government definition or set of criteria to determine which officers can properly be called a mustang; as the term varies in usage and criteria from service to service. By the end of World War II, it was understood across the armed forces that a mustang was…

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