For the defense of our own… USS Nathanael Greene SSBN 636

One of the stories form the 41 for Freedom Collection.


We are soldiers who devote ourselves to arms not for the invasion of other countries,

but for the defense of our own,

not for the gratification of our private interests but for public security

Nathanael Greene

I belong to MOAA and have for a few decades since I retired from the Navy 

But I was never really active in a local group until recently when I became a member of the Board of Directors for the General Greene Chapter in Greensburg PA. MOAA stands for Military Officers Association of America. It used to be TROA (The Retired Officers of America but the name and focus was changed a few years back to try and be more inclusive of younger folks.

The General Greene Chapter meets pretty regularly and does work at a number of non-profit organizations around the community. I started a Facebook page for the group last year and…

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