2 Days

We warned you what was going to happen. Read the short list of what they told you they would do. Then look at you energy bills, gorcery bills, and shrinking individual rights. Also watch as our enemies tighten the circles around us and our allies around the world. Is this the America your want?


As we approach the end of the first year of the Biden “presidency” Its not a bad idea to examine why things are as horribly bad as they are. For one thing, they told us up front what they were going to do. Its all in black and white and there should be no surprise why fuel prices and groceries continue to increase in price.

There should be no shock about why the invasion from our southern neighbors continues to damage the integrity of our borders. There should be no surprise about closing coal mines and power plants. They told you that was there goal.

The only thing they lied about was the line about uniting and healing our country. 

Is this what you really wanted for America?

92 Pages

The 2020 Democrat Platform is 92 pages long. From their own words:

“Democrats will fight to repair the soul of…

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