How fast will that thing go? The USS Skipjack Story

Compared to older boats, the Skipjack must have seemed almost impossible. But ultimately a price was paid on May 22


How fast can you go on a submarine?

Along with how deep, how fast is often one of the most asked questions once someone knows you were on board a submarine. The standard answer that was pounded into our heads in submarine school was in excess of 20 knots and deeper than 400 feet.

Once you go to your individual submarine, you found out how fast you could actually go. Despite the fact that you can’t “see” where you are going, when a modern nuclear powered submarine goes from all ahead 2/3 to all ahead flank, you FEEL the change. The sound of rushing water outside the hull is also a pretty impressive sound as the boat charges into the darkness.

I had the honor of driving a couple of my boats as a very young man. We were strapped into our seats and the “sticks” were just like those…

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