Freedom of the Press

Updated on February 24 as Congress debates shutting down certain networks


I wrote this post in October 2020 prior to the election. Today, February 24, 2021, Democrats in the House of Representatives are leading a hearing that is designed to shut down the last remaining News Networks that are not in alignment with every part of their agenda. I have to be honest with you, having the government in power that we have right now is the most frightening thing I can imagine for the Republic.

The Threat to America has never been stronger. The need for a free press has never been greater.

Freedom of the Press

It is a fundamental principle of our Republic to support and encourage a free press. The First Amendment was included to ensure that government was restrained enough to allow for the freedom of expression that comes from a free press.

But along with freedom comes responsibility. “Congress shall make no law respecting an…

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2 thoughts on “Freedom of the Press

  1. These are troublesome times and the only source of comfort that I find in remembering the King is still on the throne in heaven and he does all things well.

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