Attack at Pearl Harbor by Japanese Planes on December 7, 1941 – Battleships, Battle Force After Action Report

Remember Pearl Harbor



U.S.S. MARYLAND, Flagship
December 19, 1941
From:Commander Battleships, Battle Force.
To:Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject:Attack at pearl Harbor by Japanese Planes on December 7, 1941.
Reference:(a) CO West Virginia ltr BB48/A16-3 of Dec. 11, 1941., with Combat ships lst end A16-3,(0974) of Dec. 13, 1941.
(b) CO Maryland ltr BB46/A16/0f10/(0229) of Dec. 15, 1941.
(c) CO Tennessee ltr BB43/A16-3/(0157) of Dec. 11, 1941.
(d) CO Pennsylvania ltr BB38/A16-3/(01535) of Dec. 16, 1941.
(e) CO California ltr (1002) of Dec. 13, 1941.
(f) CO Arizona ltr BB39/A16 of Dec. 13, 1941.
(g) CO Nevada ltr BB36/A9/A16(Nev-10) of Dec. 15, 1941.
Enclosure:(A) Berthing Plan of Battleships on December 7, 1941.
(B) Radio Log of Commander Battleships.
(C) Signal Log of Commander Battleships.
(D) Report of Captain W.R. Carter, U.S. Navy, Chief of Staff to Commander Battleships.
(E) Report of…

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2 thoughts on “Attack at Pearl Harbor by Japanese Planes on December 7, 1941 – Battleships, Battle Force After Action Report

  1. I tried several times to sign up for your page. It keeps telling me this is not a valid email address

    Here is what I was trying to post to your page. A little history of my son and I :

    Jack D. Sumner Chief Warrant Officer Four US Army (retired)

    Ther was also a Reve and a Millere, A Somnour and a Pardoner also.–Chaucer

    The name is found in 1274 in the Hundred Rolls, England.

    Served in U S Navy 1960-1969

    Destroyer-USS Eversole DD789-January 1960-August 1960–Far East 1960

    After Submarine School, USS Sculpin SSN 590-December 1961-March 1963 Qualified on SSN588 class fast attack nuclear submarine USS SCULPIN SSN 590 – 6 November 1962),

    After SCORE program, A school, and C school at Dam Neck, VA — USS MG Vallejo SSBN 658 (Blue)-March 1965-December 1967. (Submarine Deterrent Patrol Pin (1 Patrol) My son was born during the first Blue Crew patrol and he later served in USS MG Vallejo SSBN 658 (Gold) some twenty-five years later.

    After B school, USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 (Gold)–August 1968-August 1969 (2 Patrols)

    August 19, 1969 he took an inter-service transfer to the US Army to become a Warrant Officer in the Infantry in Vietnam –25th Infantry Division

    Served In U S Army- 19 August, 1969 thru 1 November 1985.

    Served at U S Military Academy as the Supply Officer for the U S Corps Of Cadets, 1977-1983

    Retired U S Army, Chief Warrant Officer Four, 1 November 1985

    Hope this comes thru



    1. Jack
      Thanks for the note. Not sure why my provider struggled with your email. There are some things I can’t control unfortunately. That is awesome that your son served on the same boat you did. I can’t imagine that is very common. You had a remarkable career and as a citizen of this great country, I want to thank you for all that you and your family have done.

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