The Dawn of the Polaris Age – Pittsburgh and Bettis in 1960

May 20, 1960 Sixty years ago this month, a great tribute to the men and women of Southwestern PA at a dinner given in Pittsburgh


The Dawn of the Polaris Age

“Those of us here today may not live to write this history, but we must be determined to shape it.”

Every once in a while, you find yourself in a historic spot and feel a little like there isn’t enough time to really understand the surroundings. Well, at least I do anyway. That happened the other day. The Navy League was supposed to be hosting a lunch for all of the local Sea Services commands and our original destination had a problem with a water line break. That caused us to go to another location called the William Penn Hotel Terrace Room.

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and had seen most of the impressive buildings as a kid. But for some reason, the William Penn had never made it to my list. In retrospect, I am sad it took 65 years…

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