If only there was a way to skip April 27

One year closer to our great reunion Dad. See you first thing.


I dread this day. April 27th. Yet no matter how much I hate the day, it comes back again. I guess I should be happy that I am alive and in better health this year than many others. I just know that I will wake up again tomorrow and miss you.

We had such a roller coaster of a ride, you and I. I worshipped you as a young boy and came to resent you as a teenager. Maybe all teenagers do. I don’t know. But we fought over some of the stupidest things. Sometimes we just fought because we were really cut from the same cloth. People to this day tell me that our Navy pictures laid side by side are so much alike it’s intimidating. Then there was the morning I provoked you so much you hit me and ripped my shirt. I can still feel…

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