The Heart of Freedom

The Heart of Freedom

It’s interesting to see the young people of today flocking to a man who is a professed socialist. Bernie no longer even makes a pretext of someone who embraces traditional American values. He continues to point out the difference between the “classes” and the “masses” which are all code words used by the socialists of a hundred years ago.

In the 1920’s social injustice preoccupied many people’s minds. The late war had revealed that for too many, the failed ways of Old Europe were dead and the new path forward was socialism and communism. Russia was gripped by revolution after revolution resulting in decades of destruction and devastation under one tyrant followed by others. The cost in blood will never be known. Stalin buried his secrets and buried those who kept the secrets.

Socialism came to America too. The difference was that people who had a heart for freedom saw the danger and fought it. Organizations like the American Legion were partially formed to protect the American way of life. Violence was the norm and not the exception. Eventually, a combination of events quelled the fledgling movement but in truth it never really went away.

Like a cancer that kills healthy bodies, socialism and its blood brother communism are still present in America. The new generation sees unfairness in every turn. Rich people have it all while poor people struggle. The education system is now so flawed with corrupt adherents to the disease that graduating students are convinced that enslaving themselves to a failed ideology is the only way out.

Fools. One question that is never asked of Bernie and his supporters is this: If socialism is such a great deal, why are you so wealthy? Why haven’t you given up all you own and spread your wealth around? Why do you continue to use a medical system that you berate to treat your old age conditions? Why do you use those carbon spewing behemoths to travel the country and criticize people who use carbon spewing behemoths? Why do you surround yourself with men with guns while telling us to give up our rights?

He can’t give up his wealth and privilege any more than any of the evil men who once ran the death camps and gulags. He can’t surrender his own generous benefits just as Stalin and Hitler would never give up their survival systems. Dictators and would be dictators never do. They just want what you have.

This faithless generation of selfish people is being led by the nose just as the peasants who created the Soviet Union were. Their cries of “justice” drown out any reason or intelligence. There has never been a successful utopia under any form of socialism. The complicit press never holds socialists accountable for their lies and deceptions.

In the end, there will be a civil war. The Heart of Freedom is the America where we still have the rights declared by our Founding Fathers in the documents that were crafted so long ago. Average Americans will rise up against tyranny once more and defeat it. We succeed or we fail, but we have the choices and the opportunities to do so. When the government removes those choices, it leaves us with none. Then all tyrants will understand the strength of the Heart of Freedom.


3 thoughts on “The Heart of Freedom

  1. I agree, our young people are not educated to the dangers and failings of socialism and communism. After reading the “social studies” textbooks my step-children brought home, I was appalled. Great Americans were actors and sports figures, great black Americans were rappers and sports figures with no mention of any of the real great Americans of any color. They were taught that race was one of the primary things they had to pay attention to never mind the fact that genetically there is no such thing as “race” it is a construct of an old Anglican bishop who was making sure that Englishmen were superior back in the 1700s. There was nothing regarding the truth about the founding of our nation, the people involved in that endeavor or the intellectual underpinnings of their thought. Nothing was offered about the actual history of America, the emphasis was on the present and how wonderful it was that everyone would have what they want, that they wouldn’t have to really work for anything since the government would “give” it all to them – the same garbage that was sold to the people who sold themselves into the slavery of a welfare existance. Since the schools were not doing the job, I did and the kids hated it at first until the began to see the lie for what it was. All socialism does is steal from working people to “give” those hard earned dollars to those unwilling to even make an effort or seduced into the existance on a welfare stipend (as well as the penalty for actually trying to get off welfare). We need to take our schools back, teach history, the rest of the true basics and how to learn and think critically.
    Sadly, you’re likely correct about another civil war that will be anything but civil and the outcome of which is not guaranteed.

  2. I’m humbled by you sub GUYS but feel compelled to wonder why Biden thinks the DACA recipients are more American than Americans.

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