Love, your Son Butch ~ Father’s Day Memories

Wow, its been eight years since I first posted this story about my Dad. So much has changed in my life since that day. One thing hasn’t. He is still my greatest inspiration. Happy Father’s Day Dad.



Today’s blog is from a book I wrote based on my Dad’s letters to his family during the second world war and the following year while he tried to make it back home.

I found the letters a few days after he passed away, and learned a lot about a man who I thought I knew pretty well.

San Francisco

The setting for this letter is that he was in California being processed out and it is really the first time that he talks about the future. He also had some interesting insights about the war which I would have never guessed from his later life. More later about that… here is his letter:

I think it was a waste of a lot of time and money. I think the O.P.A. should have stayed on too. Did you know that an old car like my old one is worth 3 or 4…

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2 thoughts on “Love, your Son Butch ~ Father’s Day Memories

  1. Great story; the letter is a hoot! I can see where you received the storytelling bug from though. My Dad was a career Aviation Electrician’s Mate (retired as an E-9). When I chose to go into the boats he seemed less than pleased until I got permission to show him a hull shot of the Enterprise taken ‘somewhere in the Mediterranean’ showing a large amount of growth. The skipper had it transmitted to SUBLANT and they passed it along to the surface pukes telling them they might want to get the target into dry dock to get that off.

    1. Dad was only in for a few years but he was Navy through and through just like his father was. I think he liked to live his life through my brother Tom and I when we were sailing the ocean blue! Happy Father’s Day

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