Rules of Engagement on TLS

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Rules of Engagement

First and foremost, I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. It has been a work of love for the three years I have been publishing and has resulted in over174,000 views around the globe. In all, there are over 450 posts from either myself or one of three other writers which have attracted 1,250 comments here and thousands on the various other media I am linked to.

In the history of the blog, I have only deleted (unpublished) two comments. Both had some things in common so I thought it might be a good idea to briefly discuss what I call “The Rules of Engagement” if you want to participate in a conversation or give feedback. They are relatively simple but will be enforced with an extreme prejudice. I have readers of all ages and I assume all of the various gender descriptions currently in vogue. I am also confident that many different types of religions and belief structures are in play since I have been seen in every corner of the world. This is based on my analysis of the global visitors I see in the background statistics of the web publishing site I use as well as the cute little map of the world on this page.

Rules of Engagement:

1. Decorum. I often enjoy a good debate. That debate however should be conducted in a civil manner. There are about 7.251 billion people on the planet and chances of us all agreeing on everything are pretty small. I would even bet that the odds are something like 7.251 billion to one against that ever happening. Using a lot of caps in your note is another way to single you out as “special” but maybe not the kind of special you want to be remembered for. SPRINKLING them in between your OTHER words makes you EVEN MORE SPECIAL but not the kind of debater that I feel will have any ability to actually read my responses.

2. Language. Obviously English (or the American equivalent) will give you the most chance of a thoughtful response or in some cases seeing your own comment in print. My spam gadget removes about a thousand non-recognizable spam attempts a week but occasionally it does let through some cleverly worded spam about Chuck Norris being a spokesman for a Chinese underwear manufacturer that wants me to promote their product. I normally decline their offer.

3. Really specifically offensive language. The decline of our civilization has made the use of F-bombs more and more acceptable in places like Hollywood and the House of Representatives. How nice for them. A sure fire way not to make it to the published comments on this blog is to think you are a movie star, politician or rap star. That includes inviting me to conduct asexual activities using words that describe an activity I am quite sure is physically impossible. On a purely editorial note, telling me to F… off is baffling and somewhat confusing. In sixty years, I have never quite figured out exactly what people mean when they say that and keep repeating it louder as if that will make me understand any better.

4. Family Ties. My Mom and Dad were married. I have the copy of the signed certificate and a lovely picture album of the day. It was a wonderful ceremony based on everything I can see and that sort of destroys the use of the word used about my legitimacy as a person. Also, my Mom is an angel and has been a loving Christian woman her entire adult life. She is a regular contributor to many spiritual and community organizations and has been a volunteer in many of those same organizations for years. She is also fond of small animals and helping helpless people. So calling me a son of a (insert derogatively incorrect label here) is just factually inaccurate.

5. Syntax and spelling. I try to make it a general rule to never send emails and letters when I am mad. Mrs. Mac typically catches both and then it forces me to do an update which is not very lean and filled with waste. You making those mistakes also makes your argument much weaker since it means you didn’t even take the time to do spell check (or don’t know what spell check is). Using big words where little ones will do is always fun but make sure you actually know what they mean. My favorite scene from a movie called The Princess Bride made a few years back is a great reminder:

6. Attacking the United States Military and those who served honorably. The enemy attacks the US Military. Their “tools” and useful idiots attack both them and veterans. There are probably a buzzilion web sites run by Commies, Fascists, Pinkos, Loonies, Haters, people on anti=depressants and people with questionable character where your hate speech is not only welcomed but encouraged. Military people have done some bad things as individuals in our short history. They have also saved whole populations from evil people. Please feel free to spew your anger and hatred anywhere else. It is not welcomed, encouraged or acceptable here. With so many place to go on the internet, this should not put your fragile ego in danger of collapsing.

7. My God. I am unabashedly Christian and make no apologies for that belief. That does not mean I am perfect, only forgiven. Its in our handbook and in my heart. I do not attack others for their well grounded beliefs even if that includes dancing around the big stones in England completely naked. But another sure way to get placed in permanent “Blog Jail” is to take the name of my God in vain or as any part of a curse which is commonly used among those of lower intelligence when they can’t come up with an actual adjective. Or verb. Or pseudo noun. You will join the legions of spam that are crushed like little tiny grapes on the path to eternity.

8. This IS my high horse. If you don’t like me riding up on Old Boaz, please feel free to turn around and head back into the pasture you came from. No harm will come to you (unless you tread where Old Boaz did his business which I have little control over.) Cursing at Boaz or me for our “self-righteousness” is silly and a bit pretentious on your part. Telling anyone that you have done everything they have done which seems to give you special powers is also a bit of a stretch. Every single person I have ever met has done some pretty interesting and unique things. Maybe even you. We are alike in some ways and different in others. I have never walked across the Mohave desert. But I bet most of you have never been shot off of number two catapult on the USS Nimitz in a C2A on a very clear day off the coast of San Diego after completing a very successful mission. (for the record there were six of us not counting the flight crew so that one was not really unique…)

9. Assumptions. We all have them. They tend to be too overgeneralized and frankly are not very accurate. Calling an entire generation of men who wore a uniform too stupid or lazy to think of anything else to do is definitely an assumption. I could list many others but one of us may be too stupid or lazy to actually take the time to understand.

10. Respect. I always try to start with respect. Doing any or all of the things listed in 1-9 will diminish that respect exponentially. I pay for the electricity that powers the computer and the wireless modem. I also bought this nice little computer and the house it sits in. I worry over the blog like a mother hen worries about her chicks. If you want to disagree with me, that is cool. If you really get mad, follow Howard’s lead: (you’ll like his language… he violates almost every one of the ten rules)

At the end of the day, its just a blog. I’m just a guy growing older by the moment. I want to spend all of those moments sharing memories with shipmates and friends. I have learned a lot doing this for the past three years and Lord willing and the crick don’t rise, I will keep on doing it.

God Bless

Mister Mac

Post script: Careful readers may notice that I violated Rule number one in the construction of Rule number eight. Good catch if you did… however, I would encourage you to re-read Rule number eight again slowly. Old Boaz appreciates your attention to detail. Giddy up

2 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement on TLS

  1. Like it. Although Mrs. Mac says it’s spelled creek not crick. Crick is how we SW Pennsylvanians say it. lol!

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