RIP Dex Armstrong, After Battery Rat and Well Loved Submariner



Robert “DEX” Armstrong, Legendary ‘After Battery Rat’ on Eternal Patrol
Submitted by: Pat Householder on 7/8/2014
Dex cast off the lines of life at 6:20 AM EST July 8, 2014 and sailed off on his final patrol.

A larger than life character with a remarkable talent for writing thoughts and actions that all diesel boat sailors could relate to and say with a smile, “That was me when I was just young squid too!”

Dex will join his beloved Solveig in a shared plot at Arlington National Cemetery at a time and date yet to be announced.

To all who sent cards to DEX, THANK YOU!  His Nurse said the stack is bigger than any she has ever seen come in on one day and she enjoyed reading them to Dex on what turned out to be his last night.

Dex, irreverent rascal that he was, would want us all to enjoy his submarine tales and a link to his AFTER BATTERY RAT tales is linked here.

Rest your oar, shipmate!  We who remain will keep your memory alive, and thanks for the precious memories!


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6 thoughts on “RIP Dex Armstrong, After Battery Rat and Well Loved Submariner

  1. Shipmates:
    It is with great sadness that DEX ARMSTRONG has gone on eternal patrol.

    His record is posted online in the Eternal Patrol File on the USSVI website.

    Robert Dexter Armstrong
    6417 Fleetside Ct.
    Alexandria, Va. 22310-2538

    Next of Kin:

    Kristine Armstrong – daughter
    Fayetteville, N.C.

    Contact Mstrmac711 for details

    Keep Dex in your prayers.
    Pride Runs Deep:

    Huey Dietrich, Commander, Requin Base, Pittsburgh PA

  2. Another of the Great Ones has gone on to his reward. Rest your oars, sailor. Although I never met you, I KNEW you through your words and that unique brand of submarine humor that only we “Brothers of the ‘Phin” can ever truly understand. Brother, mentor and friend you became to me from afar… you ol’ After Battery Rat. From a bilge rat of the next generation, my sincerest thanks!

  3. This response is from his two daughters, Kris Armstrong and Cathy Harlow. We are overwhelmed with the love and support shown by his “Brothers of the Phin,” and their amazing families. Reading your words over the course of the past few days have filled our hearts with warmth. And I know that both mom and dad are looking down upon us all with their arms wrapped around each other — smiling upon you and so grateful that Cathy and I are very much not alone.

    As stated above so accurately — Dad will join mom at Arlington Cemetery and we have initiated the process. We are “in the cue” and standing in line for our call which is expected to come in 6-8 weeks. At that time the case manager will coordinate with us for a mutually agreed upon date for the service. (Based on the schdedule that we saw at Arlington – we don’t expect the service to be before October) Intent is to have the memorial service at the Fort Meyer post chapel, with a procession to the Arlington Cemetery Columbarium. Immediately following — there will be a celebration of Bob “Dex” Armstrong’s life at a location to be determined. With that said, we have some lead time to plan and the weather will be a bit more enjoyable in Washington DC!! As we shared with the staff at Arlington — this is a zero fail mission to farewell our dad. We warned them that the US Navy will be coming from all over to say goodbye!!

    We do have a correction to the contact email for us and that is:

    Blessings to you all! — Dex Armstrong’s Daughters, Kris and Cathy

  4. Reblogged this on theleansubmariner and commented:

    I typically don’t reblog a post this quickly from the original but I received a note from Dex Armstrong’s Daughters, Kris and Cathy that I wanted to share with the community. Requin base is meeting today and I am sure he will be present and accounted for in many many ways.

  5. Thanks Dex! I rode the USS Cute Ass SS478 63-64, before going off to MK 80 FCS school in Damnedeck then on to 3 boomers before retiring my dolphins to a dresser drawer but never from my heart. Thanks for the memories.

  6. RIP dex, recently found your stories by accident, but love reading them all, brings back great memories of our misfit division. We weren’t bubbleheads but v-4 grapes. I won’t hold that against you though. Smooth sailing, Navy Neighbor..ABF 3 Kelly Skeels.

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