Happy Anniversary – Three years


When I first started the blog, life was very different…

The intent was to share some ideas on lean manufacturing while celebrating the heritage of the United States Navy submarine forces. A lot of water has gone under the bow since those days. Over 260,000 views later, I find that the submarine stories have continued to dominate in popularity. Much of my recent work has revolved around developing new stories including an extensive amount of research on pre-World War 2 American submarines. That work continues in the background which is why I don’t post as regularly as I used to.

I have also had a few guest posts over the past year that have proven to be very popular. Jody Durham’s “Ever a submariner” essay is one of the three top hitters of all time on the site. It continues to draw interest both here and in other submarine blogs and outlets. It was an honor to be one of those that shared his story.

There are a lot more stories out there that are yet to be told. I thank you for each and every visit you have made to the site (even if it was only once or twice). Thanks also for the feedback both here and on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The best is yet to come!

Mister Mac

12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary – Three years

  1. Any chance you will turn your research into a novel? It’s a unique perspective and would be fascinating as historical fiction. If not fiction, when will you be publishing your work?

    1. Thanks for the note Cindy. I have been working on it long enough to realize it has the potential for a book. Being a submariner, I have a deep appreciation for the work these little boats did and especially for the type of men who sailed them. I have two projects in front of this one but am definitely going to finish this.

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