G’day Mate, mind the dingos

A reblog from an old favorite … a little Australia, a little submarines, a warning that is just as relevant today (maybe more so)


I can’t possibly imagine two places on earth that are more opposite then Diego Garcia and Perth Australia.

Finishing up a quick run somewhere in the Indian Ocean and pulling up next to a destroyer tender was welcome after all the excitement, but you quickly come to realize that if there was an end to the earth, this would probably be it. Then a short week later, you surface off the coast of Western Australia and its like being taken back in time to the beaches of California before the developers ruined them.

Florida in Diego Garcia  Map of the IO

You could actually feel the excitement as we sailed into Freemantle.

I had been to many ports before but Australia was a place where legends were made. After they popped the hatch, the warm sea swept air came pouring in aided by the low pressure blower and ventilation system. As we got closer, the officer of…

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