Our company commander is missing, Sir

For those that just joined us (and especially those that went through Boot Camp at one point in their life) a Reblog of an old favorite
Mister Mac


June of 1972 was a pivotal month and year for many people.

Watergate, Hurricane Agnes, Vietnam bombings, Nixon’s reelection, and the month I entered the Navy. Through all the years since then, I have managed to hang onto “The Keel” which is the graduation cruise book they gave out back in the day.


It smells a bit musty and the bindings are starting to give after forty years, but it still serves as a reminder of my days becoming a sailor.

Grandpa Mac went to boot camp in the Navy’s old training center in Cape May New Jersey. Dad went to his World War 2 boot camp at Naval Training Center Sampson New York. He left a great legacy of memories with the letters his Mom saved and they appear in my book “Love Your Son Butch”. I had requested to attend boot camp in San Diego or Orlando Florida…

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