Its been a rough week

Well, the old laptop finally died last week. The sorrow was very deep since most of my creative thoughts for the past three years were formed sitting in front of the screen and keyboard I was so used to. Not only that, but there was a resignation and a  sudden realization that I would have to adapt to Windows 8 on any new computer I purchased.

So tonight I picked up the new pathway to the internet and its not half bad. Still struggling with the screens but I am happy with the speed and the new gadgets.

I hope you all have been doing well in my absence. I understand some people were all excited and anxious in DC but they voted themselves another reprieve from reality using our future earnings. Yay for them. Sad for us. The Republic grinds on.

For those of you that do Facebook (and you know who you are), you might appreciate my latest little gesture of defiance. The other day I got an unsolicited request from the Republican Senatorial Reelection Campaign asking for my support. I unfriended them. Their actions earlier in the week indicated they had already defriended me so it only seemed fair.

Have a great rest of the weekend. I found a really great book about Submarines during WW2 that will be the basis for some posts in the coming weeks. Hope you come back and check that out

Mister Mac

2 thoughts on “Its been a rough week

  1. Yeah, I unfriended them, too….the bastards.

    Should have gotten a Mac….seriously, wouldn’t it be appropriate (and more dependable in my experience)?

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