Will there be alcohol?

2013 USS San Francisco (SSN 711) Reunion Update

Getting very close now so hopefully everyone plans still include being together this coming weekend in Norfolk.
The hospitality room is set and I am bringing a car full of munchies. We have to supply everything which was the trade off of not having to pay a bartender and waitress for the entire weekend.

We will pick up some beverages from the Exchange but I would like to get a sense of what people are drinking. If you could get back to me as soon as possible, that would be appreciated.  (You are free to bring your own as well but I wanted to make sure we have enough to share …)

  • Beer (Brand)
  • Liquor (Types)
  • Pop (Preferences)
  • Mixers?
  • Wine? 

My intent is to have a donation box set up for people to help defray the costs so your help would be greatly appreciated.
We have cups, plates, and will be bringing a cooler with us. If anyone else who is driving has a cooler (or two) that would be appreciated as well.

Email me at bobmac711@live.com if you are participating and have feedback about what you would like to see there

Mister Mac

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