Goodbye Facebook, Hello Patriotism

This morning I had a very interesting message from Facebook Security saying I had violated a policy and my account was being terminated. Not sure which policy they were referring to but it does seem pretty interesting that it occurred the weekend after I launched a few salvos at the President’s lack of accountability on Benghazi, the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, and the continued attacks on free speech of any kind.

Just as well I suppose. Maybe its time to find a more secure way for Patriots to communicate. I understand that the printing press worked back in the day and at least for now I still have email and this outlet. Does anyone know of a place where people can go to have discussions that are not manipulated?

Mister Mac


FEMA Camp flag

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook, Hello Patriotism

  1. Google+, so far, seems to be not interested in censoring anyone concerning political views. Some of the communities are self-regulating…but strictly to keep the language from getting too salty.

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