Happy Fourth of July

I had considered taking the day off today but was reminded that somewhere in the world at this very minute, a submarine is on patrol or special operation adding to the effort to keep us free. Those silent sentinels are never completely at rest and stand ready to perform the missions at a moments notice.

Knowledge and skills certainly make this elite group stand alone in the halls of warfare. But more than that is their spirit. Like many young people, you can count on them to complain about the food, the isolation, the long hours, the endless field days, the separation from their families and on and on. But look at their eyes when the red white and blue is raised on the aft deck. See their shoulders lift back a bit when they are presented with their very first set of dolphins. And see the pride in their families eyes when they come home from the sea.

I am proud of many moments of my life, but proudest of all that I belong to a unique fraternity. The volunteers than have manned the submarines of the United States Navy for over 111 years.

God Bless America and God guide and keep all of the sentinels who help to keep her free.

Mister Mac

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