Should I stay or should I go?

One of the questions asked so much in the recent lead up to the storm is “Should I stay or should I go”. The obvious answer is to follow the directions of the emergency management officials. Much of the loss of life and deprivation after Katrina was too many people in the wrong place at […]

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2.6 million… Ready or Not

Some time ago, I posted a number of articles and references for people in the path of Hurricane Irene. As usual when I post about preparedness, I got a few folks feedback about “paranoia” and “let’s not get carried away Mac”. Fair enough. But as we sat in the living room last night having our […]

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The Right Stuff

“Seaman Schmuckatelly, what in heaven’s name do you have there?” “It’s my emergency box, sir!” he says proudly as he places the large, overflowing cardboard box on the deck. “Emergency box?” “Yes Warrant, the Chief told us we might be in for a storm and we should check our gear and be ready.” “Are you […]

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Are you ready? Are you sure?

Preparing after a Disaster strikes is like trying to learn how  to swim after you find yourself in the middle of the ocean with no life jacket With the recent storms in Florida and the south, I was reminded about another large storm and it’s impacts. We are praying for the folks in the South […]

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