Where have you been?

I have to admit it’s been a few days since my last post and considering the nature of that post, some of my readers may have wondered if I had been selected for early admission to the nearest FEMA camp. No such luck (at least not yet). We have been spending a lot of time working […]

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Gold! There’s Gold out there!

January 24 1848 is a day that will live forever as one that changed American history. John Sutter had hired a millwright named James Marshall to construct a sawmill along the south fork of the American River. The water was not flowing in the right vicinity so they cut a fresh millrace. The timber from […]

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Hu Said What?

Normally I would think of a routine from an old Abbott and Costello movie when I see something a comical as the title of this post. Not this time though. Hu Jintao (the President of the People’s Republic of China) has been very vocal recently about upgrading and preparing the military in general and the […]

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Caught in the Crossfire

Its 3:00 AM and everyone in the control room party has managed to find a comfortable enough position to hide the fact that they are half snoozing. The room is rigged for red and the boat is plugging along at 4 knots at 150 feet. Even the Auxiliaryman of the Watch has laid his clipboard […]

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