Freedom of the Press

I wrote this post in October 2020 prior to the election. Today, February 24, 2021, Democrats in the House of Representatives are leading a hearing that is designed to shut down the last remaining News Networks that are not in alignment with every part of their agenda. I have to be honest with you, having […]

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A Boomer Sailor’s Dream

In my Navy career, I was many things. Machinist Mate, Submariner, Career Counselor, Master Training Specialist, Docking Officer on a Floating Drydock and Engineering Officer of the Watch on board a large surface ship. But before I was any of those, I was a boomer sailor. Boomers of course are the nicknames for Fleet Ballistic […]

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In the First Hour of the Next Day

I wrote this story a few years ago before the current North Korean situation evolved. I wonder how real it could actually be The launch was not detected by our satellites because they were looking in the wrong area. No one would have suspected that the slow moving foreign flagged freighter carried such a horrible […]

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