Aloha to my Facebook Ohana

I did three shortened tours in the Navy in Hawaii and had some of my greatest and worst life experiences while I was there. One word that comes to mind when I think of Hawaii and the subject of this post is Ohana. From Wikipedia: “Part of Hawaiian culture, ʻ ohana means family (in an […]

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Christ is Risen

In the craziness that surrounds us, it is good that there is a constant… for over 2000 years, Christians around the world have woken on the day designated to remind them of His sacrifice and have been reminded of the ultimate gift of love. He took the sins of the world with him to the […]

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Rise again…

This week, Christians all over the world are celebrating the holiest of all days, a day which is set aside to remember the Resurrection of the Christ. This day reminds us that there is an ultimate victory for those who are part of the faith… the victory of life over death. Like many people, I […]

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How well is your path marked?

I remember growing up in a small community in Western Pennsylvania where the suburbs were just blooming surrounded by trees and fields. The sixties were a time of growth for this area and the mills and mines that filled the valleys were running at full tilt to provide the raw materials that make up a […]

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“And on the third day, he arose again from the dead.” This blog is for those of us who are believers in the Judeo-Christian stories of how we came to be where we are today. For those who came looking for something else, feel free to take the day off. I’ll wish you a Happy […]

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