Pennsylvania Republican Primary 2022

If you are looking for information on who to vote for in the 2022 Pennsylvania Primary, this might be a good place to begin your search.

This page will have links to the Candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, US Senate, US House of Representatives and others that might be of interest.

None of these candidates are being endorsed by me at this time.

(I am strongly leaning towards Dave White as Governor but that is based on my personal opinions)

I will remove them if they drop out before the primary.

Note: as of 3/24/22 Jason Richie and John Ventre Have suspended their campaigns

 Choose wisely but avoid voting for anyone who is a socialist or radical left wing liberal.

All of these candidates are far superior to any democrat even being considered.


Lou Barlotta

for Governor Lou Barletta

Shawn Berger

Shawn Berger for Governor – For Information Only

Guy Ciarrocchi

for Governor Guy Ciarrocchi

Links to campaign site are broken so no additional information

Charlie Gerow

 Charlie Gerow for Governor – For information Only

Joe Gale

Joe Gale for Governor – For Information Only

Doug Mastriano

Doug Mastriano for Governor – For Information Only

Bill McSwain

Bill McSwain for Governor – Candidate Information Only

Dave White

Dave White for Governor – For Information Only

Nche Zama

Nche Zama for Governor – For Information Only

Lt. Governor

Jeffery Coleman

for Lt Gov Jeff Coleman

Carrie DelRosso

Carrie Lewis DelRosso for Lieutenant Governor – For Information Only

Teddy Daniels

Teddy Daniels for Lt. Governor – For Information Only

Russ Diamond

Russ Diamond for Lieutenant Governor – For Information Only

Chris Frye


Jen Gilliland Vanasdale

Jen Gilliland Vanasdale Lieutenant Governor – For Information Only

James Jones

for Lt Gov James Jones

Rick Saccone

Dr. Rick Saccone Lieutenant Governor – For Information Only

Clarice Schillinger

Jesse DeLos Streeter

U.S. Senator

Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette, Candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania – For Information Only

Jeff Bartos

Jeff Bartos US Senator Candidate – For Information Only

George Bochetto


George knew as a very young child that nothing in his life would ever be handed to him. That’s why he has worked his entire adult life, right here in Pennsylvania, to become a success – to make a better life for his family. That’s why when the woke, liberal mob came for our values, our statues, our holidays, and culture George fought them day and night at his expense – and won. George is running for U.S. Senate because he believes the radical left puts America’s greatness in dire jeopardy. George believes in hard work – and that we should put people to work. Not pay people to quit their jobs and stay home. George believes in respect for our laws. And that criminals belong behind bars. The outcome of this election will fundamentally change our Commonwealth and our country for the better – or for the worse. How we choose to move Pennsylvania forward is up to each one of us. With your help we’ll defeat the pretenders on the right and the radicals on the left and ensure that every hardworking Pennsylvania family has the best shot at a better life.

Sean Gale

In Washington, D.C., Sean Gale will bring a much-needed conservative backbone to a federal government that is immersed in pay-to-play politics and is quickly adopting the open-borders globalist agenda of never-Trump Republicans, radical left-wing Democrats, and their friends overseas in socialist Europe and communist China. The United States Senate is in desperate need of a man like Sean Gale who will hold both parties accountable for their abandonment of the American people and the American way of life. Simply stated, Sean Gale will be the exact opposite of RINO Pat Toomey.

– Business and Health Care Attorney, BBA from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, JD from Villanova Law School, LLM in Health Care and Pharmaceuticals from Drexel University’s Kline School of Law

James Hayes

James Hayes for United States Senate

I am running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania in 2022. Yes, when I was semiretired, I heard that Pat Toomey was not going to run again, so I thought with my experience teaming with the Federal Government (DoD, DoJ, DoE, DoT) for the past 15 years that I would be a good fit.

First, I’d like to address why I am running for the U.S. Senate.  It isn’t the money because I have worked 40 years of my life, mostly in Engineering and Construction. I’m still working in that field and could ride that out to retirement, collect my Social Security and have an EZ lifestyle. But I also like challenges, and 2020 has reiterated to me that I have to fight for our freedoms. So, the opportunity arose, the challenge arose, and I am taking it on.

So, what makes me think I can get into politics and make a difference? A good percentage of my experience has been teaming with different entities of the Federal Government. I learned about the major issues in the United States and formed solid opinions about the direction I would like to drive it to. I found myself intensely involved in the issues and how they would affect the future generations, my kids. I don’t see this country going in the right direction right now, and want to turn it around. So, my will is what makes the difference.

Ronald Johnson

VENANGO CO., Pa. (EYT) – An Oil City man recently announced his intention to run as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senator’s seat that will be up for election in 2022.

David McCormick

David McCormick for U.S. Senate


Dave McCormick was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, where he spent the summers baling hay and trimming Christmas trees on his family and neighboring farms. During his high school years, he put the strength he learned working on the farm to work on the mat and on the football field as a varsity wrestler and linebacker at Bloomsburg High School.

Dave was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. While at West Point, Dave was a four-time letterman on the Army wrestling team and a co-captain his senior year.


Upon receiving his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, Dave attended Airborne School and Ranger School, where he graduated with honors at one of the toughest schools in the Army. Dave was assigned to the Army’s All-American 82nd Airborne Division, where he was in the first wave of American troops sent into Iraq during the Persian Gulf War in 1991. His unit was tasked with clearing minefields and destroying enemy munitions, and he was awarded the Bronze Star.


After receiving his Ph.D. in international affairs from Princeton in 1996, Dave came home to Pittsburgh, where he joined and worked his way up to lead a cutting-edge technology company called FreeMarkets, which created over 1,000 jobs and played an important role in Pittsburgh’s renaissance. Still reeling from the death of the steel industry, Pittsburgh proved that anything is possible if you refuse to give up. Dave went on to apply this lesson throughout his business career.


In 2005, Dave continued his service to our country as Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, before going on to be named Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Policy. From 2007-2009, Dave served as Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs. As one of our country’s top negotiators, Dave stood up for the United States by going toe-to-toe with our adversaries, implementing tough sanctions and regulations necessary to protect America’s interests.


After spending 13 years serving our country as a combat soldier and government official, this favorite son of Bloomsburg went on to join and eventually lead Bridgewater Associates, one of the most successful investment management companies in the world, where he eventually became Co-CEO and then sole Chief Executive Officer in 2020. During his time at Bridgewater, the business more than doubled in size, and David led the firm in its transition from a founder-led boutique to professionally managed institution.


Service has remained a way of life for Dave. He has served as a trustee for the United Service Organizations (USO), the Alexander Hamilton Society, and Carnegie Mellon University. Dave and his wife Dina also support a wide range of charitable causes.
Pennsylvania has a history of being a leader—and showing the rest of the country the way forward. Many Pennsylvanians have told Dave it’s time for the Keystone State to be a leader again to restore the promise of the American Dream.  Many Pennsylvanians believe Dave McCormick is the battle-tested, Pennsylvania true, fighter we need to get the job done.


Mehmet Oz

for US Senate Mehmet Oz

Martin Rosenfeld

Martin Rosenfeld for Pennsylvania U.S. Senate – Why I Feel I Want to Run for the United States Senate

I have lived for many years in both suburban and rural Pennsylvania. I see every day that the voices of working Pennsylvanians are not being heard. I would like to represent the people of Pennsylvania as a strong supporter of the Constitution especially the first and second amendments. My concerns for Pennsylvania and our country in general include:

  • Responsible government spending
  • Lower taxes for the working person
    Legal immigration
  • Rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure
  • Support for small businesses
  • Job creation recognizing the dignity of work not welfare
  • Term limits for all elected officials
  • Pro-life advocate
  • Emphasis on the needs of the American people first


  • Deputy Sheriff, Elk County Commonwealth of Penn
  • Jay Township PA State Constable
  • Co-owner of Martar Rose, Inc., The Big Trout and M.R. Guns
  • Over 40 years of Accounting, Tax Preparation, and Management Experience
  • Treasurer of the Elk County Republican Party


Carla Sands

Carla Sands for U.S. Senate

Carla Sands was Trump’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark. While Ambassador, she was awarded the Department of Defense’s highest civilian honor, the medal for distinguished public service, and she successfully worked to increase American jobs here at home.

She is a businesswoman, mother and former diplomat who is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-free speech. She has run both small and large, nationwide businesses and is now running for the U.S. Senate to replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey.

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