Shawn Berger for Governor – For Information Only

Shawn Berger was raised to understand how hard work pays off in America. He opened his first business at age 20 and currently owns American Environmental Vacuum Truck Service and American Lobster, in Wind Gap. Shawn and Venessa, his wife of ten years, have two daughters together ages 7 and 10. Their children attend a Catholic School within the Diocese of Allentown. In 2019, the school could not support itself with the small amount of students they had. Shawn took it upon himself to donate and use his own marketing team to get the school back on track. He raised so much awareness that the school was forced to create a waiting list.

In December of 2020, Wolf threatened to shut down his restaurant. Shawn fought back and the people voted with their dollar- business went up by 400% and the lawsuits were dropped.

Shawn decided to run for governor to ensure the people’s constitutional rights will not be infringed, and to bring his unique ideas into office.

Shawn’s Plans as Governor of Pennsylvania:

-Create a Right to Know Act, where all governmental information including expenditure, Covid statistics, and vaccine reactions will be available to all citizens of Pennsylvania.

-Bring back firearm safety courses in schools and provide more funding and support to private and charter schools.

-Shawn will remove all Covid mandates immediately. He will propose legislation to protect employees’ rights for choice of vaccine. He will add “failure to provide vaccine record” to the list of “wrongful termination”.

-Shawn Berger will protect the unborn with his pro-life values, make adoption easier for all, and help fix the foster care system.

-He will decrease gas prices by introducing his Hybrid Subsidy Act, which will ensure that the price of gas will not wildly fluctuate and keep low at all times. Shawn also plans to introduce a new, local and safe resource for fuel. By working with farms of PA, Shawn will create bio-diesel fuel out of canola oil. Once the process is refined, he plans to sell the Pennsylvania made bio-diesel fuel to other states.

Marijuana will be decriminalized and regulated.

-Shawn will ensure voting integrity by using a 3rd party to audit the election board members, ensure every citizen their right to view ballot counting, and require voter ID at every poll and for each mail-in ballot.

“I, as a public servant to this beautiful state, will be representing YOU. After all, it’s WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE GOVERNMENT. It is and always will be my prerogative and my priority, to ensure that the people of Pennsylvania remain free.”

For life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,


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