Kathy Barnette, Candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania – For Information Only

Kathy Barnette, Candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania

Kathy Barnette was born and raised in Alabama and considers herself growing up “below the bottom rung of the economic ladder”. She reports that she lived on a pig farm in a house without insulation or running water and used an outhouse and well. She has been a resident of Montgomery County, PA, for eight years and has now lived in Pennsylvania for ten years.

She is a proud veteran and spent ten years in the Army Reserves; she was accepted into the Officers Candidate School (OCS).

She was the first in her family to go to college, receiving a bachelor’s degree in finance from Troy State University, in Troy, AL, and a master’s degree from Fontbonne University in St. Louis MO. She worked with two major financial industrial firms, as the Comptroller for JCPenney CO, and for A.G Edwards & Sons, and she analyzed hundreds of the companies’ financial documents, all the while learning about what drives real and sustainable economic growth. She was an adjunct professor of corporate finance, and she is a sought-after conservative speaker. She has spent the past four years on mainstream media defending our American values and authored the book Nothing to Lose, Everything To Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America. After being very unhappy with the public school in which her two children were enrolled, she withdrew them and has homeschooled them for the past six years, which she states has been a source of pride for her.

She states that she wants to be the “voice of balance and reason” and she is passionate about everything that preserves America: law and order, re-opening businesses, and creating economic opportunities for all. She believes “we all have a debt to repay to those who came before us. We have an obligation to live a worthy life.”

She supports term limits.

She has talked to constituents who want to get back to work after the pandemic but are frustrated by the inability to do so due to government controls. She believes that mitigation of the illness is needed, but that we cannot destroy our citizens’ ability to earn a living for their families and future. Because the current administration has politicized the virus, good people are confused by what is real and what is fabricated. She believes that we need “better leaders to represent us.”

She is fiercely proud of her Conservative values, and she stands on these issues:

  • Protect our freedoms by upholding the Constitution as it is written.
  • Banning CRT. Race based Marxism is making the “long march through all of our institutions.” US Military leaders are focusing on so-called “white rage” rather than on combat readiness. This can be seen by the Afghanistan exit debacle.
  • Growth…and more Growth. The current Administration is trying to spend our way into growth, and this does not work. We can only grow our way into growth. “Our economic policy must be one that incentivizes investments in those assets that generate real, sustainable, significant growth – machinery, computers,.. that increase production.” Ms. Barnette believes that “the problem we suffer from today is not one of having a lack of knowledge, we suffer from a lack of courage and a lack of honesty on how we discuss the needs of this nation.” We cannot even define simple terms, such as “infrastructure” and we need real adults, who love this country and want everyone to do well and to move our country forward.
  • American Energy Independence. “Cheap + Plentiful + Reliable energy is a life and death issue.” The Green New Deal will hurt our country, put people out of work and making them poorer.
  • Pro-Life. Kathy sat on the board of a pregnancy crisis center for five years, and she will continue to promote alternatives to abortion, all the while supporting parents and their independence.
  • Supports School Choice. Kathy feels that competition is the best way to insure innovation and efficiency. She believes that keeping our children at the top of our priorities will ensure that their needs are met.
  • Mask Mandates and Vaccine Passports. Americans should be able to make their own decisions, for themselves and their children.
  • Support for the 2nd Kathy not only supports the 2nd Amendments, she is a registered concealed holder since 2015.
  • Legal immigration policy seriously needs major overhaul. American citizens –not multinational corporations – should benefit from immigration policy. And the motto “America First” should be a top priority.
  • Mental Health. Mental health issues impact everyone and the stigmas still present undermine those struggling with those issues.

Burgess Owens (US Rep from Utah’s 4th Congressional District since 2021), General Michael Flynn (retired Lt. General in the US Army and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Trump from 11/2016 – 2/2017, and John Ratzenberger (American Actor) have all endorsed Kathy Barnette for US Senate.

Information taken from www.barnetteforsenate.com and Ballotpedia 2

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