Jen Gilliland Vanasdale Lieutenant Governor – For Information Only

Jen GV for LG – A Voice for People.

Fifty years ago, a young woman left a baby at a Pittsburgh hospital. This baby had no name and, without a family, not much of a start. But this young woman made a very important choice: she chose life for this child.

That baby was adopted, raised in a loving and hard working home by a truck driver and his wife, and stands before you today:

I earned a scholarship while studying at a state school.  Despite my Republican registration, I was chosen to work in the office of a Democratic Governor. I worked hard, went to law school in the evening while working full time and along with my husband, dedicated attorneys and trusted staff, we built a successful law practice and business during the past 20 years.

I’m standing before you as an example of the possibilities within reach of men and women provided with gift of life in this state.

And, today, I stand before you to say I’m running for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I didn’t just stumble into my beliefs. Born without a name and left behind at the hospital, I learned life’s lessons, took them to heart, and worked hard.  That’s why I not only believe in and respect the values of life, liberty and independence – I will act on them.

Pennsylvanians have been abandoned, too. Left behind by political bosses happy with the status quo. Abandoned by politicians who put their personal advancement and special interests ahead of values and people.

I intend to speak about these issues.

For instance, Act 77 – no excuse mail-in ballot law. It’s unconstitutional. The voters were never asked if they wanted to change our election rules. And we’ve seen the outcome of that: a loss of faith in the system, and endless challenges to our democracy.

The presumed Democrat candidate for governor thinks Act 77 is just fine. It stands to reason. When people really get to know who he is, they will turn out on election day to reject him. I want to help see that this happensA law like Act 77 can only make you wonder what he has up his sleeves.  Certainly, this presumed candidate isn’t concerned about proper outcomes. That’s why as Attorney General his office stood silent at a judge’s son sentencing, facing 252 years for child porn, this judge’s son walked away with no jail time. No wonder why he loves Act 77. He’s been mailing it in for years, planning his next political move.

As Lieutenant Governor, presiding over the state senate, I’ll be a voice for all people. I’ll advocate against pay raises for politicians. I’ll speak out against big government. As chair of the Pardon Board, I will see that justice, not favors, if served. And you can bet I won’t be silenced by party bosses or be anyone’s puppet.

And I have a history to back up that last promise.

In 2020, when local party cronies decided to endorse judicial candidates, I switched my registration from Republican to Independent so I could challenge that system of favoritism. I didn’t win the judgeship, but we won so much more – a movement joined by almost 40% of the vote and we served notice on the bosses:

Jen GV is not for sale.  I stand with and for the people.

When people come together, they can accomplish almost anything.

All Pennsylvanians really need is a megaphone – a voice that reflects their needs and amplifies their dreams. Purpose over politics.  I want to be your voice.

My name is Jen GV (short for Gilliland Vanasdale). I came into this world with nothing, but I was given the gift of life. I work hard to make the most of this gift and I stand before you ready to serve the People of Pennsylvania.  With your support, we can and will return power to the People.  

Source: Candidate’s website

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