Charlie Gerow for Governor – For information Only

Charlie Gerow for Governor

Charlie Gerow is a national conservative leader with deep Pennsylvania roots.

Charlie serves as the Vice Chairman of CPAC and the American Conservative Union. A successful small businessman, he’s CEO of Quantum Communications.

For decades Charlie has been our conservative voice in the media, appearing multiple times weekly on television and radio. For the past decade he wrote a conservative weekly column for the Harrisburg Patriot News (PennLive).

Charlie began his career on the campaign staff of Ronald Reagan for whom he did work for many years, including the arrangements for his funeral.

Charlie was born into poverty in southern Brazil, adopted by American missionaries, came to the United States and has lived in Pennsylvania for 60 years.

He’s a member of the Republican State Committee from Cumberland County and has also been elected multiple times as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention.

A varsity athlete in both high school and college, he’s a Director Emeritus of the Keystone State Games.

Charlie’s not an elected official who’s looking for a promotion. He’s not somebody who just wants a title or another line on his resume.

Charlie is running for governor because he knows we need a conservative who can win in the battle for our ideas, win in the media, who can beat Josh Shapiro on the debate stage and who will carry our values in the governor’s office.

Charlie will govern the state with the conservative principles of promoting economic growth and reducing taxes and regulations.

Charlie has been a leader in promoting our natural gas industry and helping to make Pennsylvania a net energy exporter.  As governor, he will promote the Commonwealth’s position as an energy leader.

Charlie’s always been a leader in building coalitions and promoting new ideas.  He’s already leading the way into 2022 being the first to promote teaching civics in our schools and not indoctrination of critical race theory and other bad ideas.

He’s got a specific plan for government reform introducing the right of the people to recall any governor who thinks he is king.

Charlie has always been a strong supporter of the Right to Life and has worked on behalf of many Pro-Life organizations and causes.

He is a Life Member of the NRA and a strong supporter of the second amendment.  He’s fought for school choice and wants to expand opportunities for kids to attend schools that aren’t failing.

Source: The picture is from the website and the text is from the candidate.

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