Did it matter? Undersea Patrols on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas 2020. This is an update of an earlier post from 2014 about Christmas and being at sea on patrols.


Did it matter?

A few weeks ago on one of the Holy Loch themed Facebook pages, a few of us were reminiscing about the old days and all of the patrols that were made during the Cold War. Someone reflected how successful the system was but a member of the site (who self-identified as an anti-nuclear activist) said something to the effect that we didn’t do a thing. I was reminded that since the end of the Cold War, many of the early anti-nukes were actually encouraged, trained and funded in a very secretive way by the KGB. Yet, I do ask from time to time, was it all worth it?

Proteus early 70s

From 1960 – 1991, submarines made deterrent patrols beneath the surface of the ocean almost non-stop in support of America’s strategic system. The intent of course would make the idea of anyone (USSR specifically) launching a first strike nuclear…

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5 thoughts on “Did it matter? Undersea Patrols on Christmas Day

  1. Merry Christmas Mister Mac. Brought back many memories being deployed during a holiday. Especially seeing the Film Projector photo. I remember those well.
    Merry Christmas shipmate.


  2. Mister Mac, yes, I do believe we made one hell of a difference. I watched “On the Beach” (both versions) last night (ho-ho-ho) and have been somewhat subdued today as a result. Those who served, especially in our particular line of work, know the waiting, the dreading of every weary heart whenever you heard, “Alert One” over the 1MC. One time, during the Yom Kippur War, we heard it (and NOT on a Sunday as was the usual drill) and we did indeed go to Battle Stations Missile, this is not a drill. I still remember going to Maneuvering and taking over the SPCP. I stood there with the JA sound set on staring at the panel but seeing Swansboro, NC as a smoking hole. Memory escapes me for how long we sat there until Ernie the Bird announced that no missiles were in the air (yet), but to stand by as we awaited developments in the Middle East.
    That day, we did make a difference because the Soviets backed down so Israel could live another day. You mentioned how now we have China and Russia (I will always think of them as the Soviets) to watch (as well as India and Pakistan and North Korea); sure am glad the King is still on His throne.

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