Elections… the good, the bad and the ugly

This will be my last pre-election post. Its been a fun and interesting (and slightly stressful) nine months. Tomorrow the public will decide.

The amazing thing is this: there will be an election. People will have a chance to influence the way their communities are run. What passes for democracy will be on display all across America. Of course this election is just a precursor for next year. The fate of the nation hinges in the balance as we approach 2020. Will we tilt more towards the socialist side of the equation or will we come back to our collective senses and ensure freedom and the rights of individuals still outweigh collectivism. It will be a challenging year.

I leave you with this last letter to my constituents. We had a chance to have a textbook election in our township. But I am coming to find out that as long as people are involved, the textbook will need to continually be re-written. Maybe that is the next path for me whether I win or lose.

Next week I will get back to submarines and Navy lore. I have a number of stories that are ready to roll out. I hope you have been patient while I finish this other thing.

See you then

Mister Mac

One thought on “Elections… the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. One comment. I don’t need an AR-15. Thay is not the point. It is guaranteed in the Constitition. It was not put there to put meat on the table. My opinion. It is there to be a direct threat to the government. No shit sherlock. The founders are telling us to protect and grow the freedoms we were given. No it is not about dinner it is about survival for this nation.

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