The War on Veterans … Score one for the good guys 1

Headline: “Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi Just Ordered to Be Immediately Released From Mexican Jail by Judge”


Great news this morning that the only man prevented by the administration from coming across the American border is home with his Mom. Proud American’s all across the country are celebrating his release today. The White House said…. wait, I was searching and it seems the President is silent on this joyous occasion. Still. After seven months of being AWOL again on a matter related to Veterans, this administration is finally revealing its war fighting prowess. They are once again showing how much they are at war with America’s Veterans.

Looking back over the past six years, you shouldn’t be surprised that Tahmooressi’s 214 days in a Mexican jail is just one skirmish in this war. The still unresolved scandal at the Veteran’s Administration is an open sore for all of the Veterans affected as well as their families. There are still great stories coming from the lower levels of Veteran care that highlight the many professionals within the system. But the administrative leadership that sought to cheat Veterans from needed and earned care is an abomination and none of the senior people have yet been held to true account.

Look, its no secret that the Obama administration and its feckless minions have utter disdain for the military and Veterans. Their continued misuse of the active duty forces for political purposes is widely documented. Ask the people in Afghanistan and Syria about Obama’s true intents. But one after another, the scandals of this administration point to their War on Veterans. From Fast and Furious to Benghazi, you find a trail of Veteran’s bodies. Obama rarely shows up to honor Veterans and often only because he can’t escape the task for political reasons. These idiots can’t even let themselves call a stone cold killer that ruthlessly gunned down American Soldiers on our own soil a terrorist. They are more concerned with upsetting Islamists than they are about properly supporting their active duty and Veteran personnel. Madness in any other country. Reality in this administration.

There is no need to ask why they have this problem with Veterans. Many are conservative and love this country. They love it so much they were willing to give their freedom and life for it. How many of those people surround Obama’s inner circle? Even Obama’s wife once famously said that for the first time in her life she was proud to be an America. America’s Veterans spend their whole lives being faithful to this country. None of Obama’s inner circle even served a day in uniform and Valery Jarrett’s utter disdain for all things military is the worst kept secret in Washington DC.  Its easy for them to ignore us since they know we are by and large not going to vote for them anyway. We are the enemy and you know what Obama and Jarrett have both openly said about how they treat enemies.

I try to avoid political blogs these days because I know many came here to read about submarines. But the men who rode those submarines, who put their lives on the line every day for months and years are a small part of a larger community called Veterans. This administration is attacking them by attacking their legacy as Veterans, their health care, their freedom and in some cases their lives. The War on Veterans cannot be more clear.

When you vote next, please consider this.

People who support the current President and his staff support the War on Veterans.

Rather than saying that you “Support our Troops” or “I honor America’s Veterans” show your real support by opposing those who have started and continue this WAR on Veterans.


Mister Mac

Proud American, Proud Veteran, Proudly supporting those who are under attack by an administration that is ignoring the will of the American public

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