Taking stock on Independence Day Eve Reply

My, how things have changed in just a few short years. I still fly my flag every day and put up a special display to remember the men and women who made today possible. But at the heart of it all, America has been fundamentally changed just as Obama once said he wanted to do.

The Constitution was written on a couple of pieces of paper. The Declaration on one. If you have ever been to DC and seen them, its pretty humbling. Sadly, modern politicians can’t get their act together enough to manage anything so succinct and quite frankly short. The latest infringements on the rights of Americans have been thousands of pages long and it will take legions of lawyers to decipher just how much we have lost.

The President and his family fly all over the world lecturing others about doing the right thing. Meanwhile, we cancel celebrations for our military members and their families because they cost too much money. I wonder how they would feel up in the White House if they were told that one meal a day was being cut back like we recently did to the kids in Afghanistan taking bullets for their country.

The Justice department is so corrupt and tainted, it will take years to clean out the rats nests. Every single agency of this government is overflowing with graft, corruption, oppression and contempt for the very people the are dependent upon for money.

Big britches politicians are happy to shred your individual rights as a gun owner but after a hundred years of stealing from you via an income tax that is illegal at its core, why should anyone be shocked that they are willing to to so. Its only a matter of time before they figure out that having you work directly for them will mean that many more free haircuts and a health care system that you could never be eligible for.

The press has abdicated its traditional role as the watchdogs of society in order to ingratiate themselves to all this evil. They promote their own agendas and cleverly disguise them as “news”.

Funny thing about America though.

People in general are starting to see what’s going on despite all the protection the progressives have put in place. Even someone completely dependent on the government can begin to be irritated that the bureaucrats are out partying on their dime. It has been the same since mankind walked the earth. Kings and potentates become like three day old fish after a while and must be cast out. Rulers who defy the laws of their land will be held accountable to those who they rule.

In some cases, that can happen peacefully at the ballot boxes. But make no mistake. When the ballot boxes are as tainted as the rulers who corrupt them, they will be replaced with bullets. If bullets are scarce, they will be replaced by knives. If knives aren’t enough, the very blood of Patriots will wash over the land and cleanse any country to restore freedom. You see, the plain truth is that men yearn to live free and an oppressive government (even one that thinks it is being magnanimous with other peoples money) will fall under the weight of those dreams.

You are not free as long as you have a government that fails to uphold the laws. You are not free if you are dependent on that same government for health care or any other non-constitutional bribery. You are not free if you look to the government to solve every single problem in your life. You are nothing more than a slave and have lost the ability to dream as a free man or woman.

America came to be because we as a people grew tired of dictators and potentates living high and mighty and not listening to our desire for freedom. America will survive long term for this very reason.


When I celebrate the Fourth of July, it will be with that dream in my heart… a return to freedom and true justice. I love America as much today as the first day I realized how special a place it was. I love her as much today as the day more than forty years ago when I first raised my hand and took an oath to defend her against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I just truly never thought I would live long enough to see that the internal enemy was more dangerous than the external ones.

The storm clouds are gathering on the horizon. The lightning bolt of freedom will once again shock the country to action. I may not live to see it but I promise you this. There is nothing more powerful than a single man with a dream and desire to live free. No science can explain it and no tyrant can suppress it.

God Bless America

Mister Mac

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