Brought to you by the letter “I” 2

Obviously, if you are a conservative and watched the Alfred Smith Dinner and enjoyed Governor Romney’s you will remember the best line of the night. In reference to the non-story about Sesame Street being “savagely attacked” by Mitt, he famously said that evening: “Brought to you by the letter O. and the Number 16 trillion”.


The crowd was roaring, pundits were scribbling, liberals were searing hot at the attack on their guy and America was listening. Its still a few days until a majority of the public can vote but there is a cautious optimism that four years of failing government is about to meet its end. Endless failed programs and excuse making are about to be shown a terminal exit. There is a strong belief once again that responsible people will be at the helm and even though the turnaround may be hard, at least it will stop us from drifting aimlessly on the sea.

There are so many words that have been used to describe how we got here but the simplest one is the word “I”.

Last night as we watched the news, Obama was crowing about his latest foray into being president. He said “I have directed all of my agencies to leave no stone unturned and spare no expense to help the victims of this disaster.” The thoughts are nice and we should all be happy that our national treasure will be used in a way to help our fellow citizens in their hour of need.

It was just the most recent revelation of the use of the word “I” and why so many are ready for the narcissist in chief to go away. To truly bolster the alcohol industry, I would propose a national drinking game where every time Obama used the word “I”, you would need to take a shot. For those that don’t drink, a substitute measure could be to put a dollar in a jar each time any of the personal pronouns linked to the word “I “ are used.

Outside of Bill Clinton, there are not many other public figures in my memory who have been so in love with personal pronouns linking themselves to everything.

Even when Obama uses the word “We” its only to remind you how dependent he thinks you are on him. In the rare times he says “you” it is typically in a way that reminds you that you are merely a subset of an organization that supports him or is in defiance of him. There is a definite center to the universe in his mind and he is it.

The excuse machines for why he will most likely lose are already starting to crank up.

Naturally, the Republicans are the center of that universe. The lame stream media lazily phones in stories about how the Pubbies stopped him dead in his track with evil and sinister plots. They conveniently forget the majorities they held in Congress the first two years and the pounding through of key legislation without a single opposition vote in the house and only a few RINO votes in the Senate.


No, this president set the record straight in a very profound way the first time he met with the opposition. He did it with two words:

I won

The press forgets the public outcry called the Tea Party where people of all walks of life suddenly realized that the pretender in chief was trying to socialize the country they loved. Instead, the press tried to protect his highness with slavish stories depicting “racism” and “ignorance”. Never mind that these hard working people probably contributed more in tax dollars and church donations in one year than every democratic elected official combined (based on Joe Biden’s record anyway).

When all of us wake up next Wednesday morning, we will see if there is still a chance for America. America has always been a collection of people who focused more on the saying “We the people” than “I” the person.

The fact that he was even elected four years ago is a sad reflection of how many people were so readily able to associate themselves with a selfish ego-centric snob whose single goal in life was to transform something we knew into something more to his own image.

Next Wednesday morning, a large wave will have washed over this historically horrible mistake of a presidency and washed it forever out to sea. Or, next Wednesday morning, we will find ourselves overwhelmed with defeat caused by the hands of people who were too ignorant to see that an America based on Freedom and Liberty has been lost by a greater power of selfishness.

This election is a true choice.

Will we continue to support the principles of the Declaration of Independence? Or will we be subjects to a new Declaration of Dependence that forever locks us into a government dictated slavery ? Liberty or Slavery? Freedom or Tyranny?

Please don’t let this be our last vote.

Mister Mac


Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.

Winston Churchill


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