What a fine example. Reply

In my short lifetime, I have seen leaders come and leaders go. Unfortunately I can’t say I have seen too much leadership lately from the White House. The man who rose to the top of our political heap four years ago used to talk about elevating the discussion while slowing the rise of the seas. He was going to meet with all the bad guys around the world and charm their pants off. He was going to unite a country that was bitterly divided… (gee I wonder who divided them).

Hold Your Head Up

The press slobbered all over his empty phrases and beat down everyone who questioned his siren song with cries of racism and red-neck behavior. They are as guilty as he is for not covering the ever downward spiral. Its almost as if they were afraid to be cast with the same aspersions they accused others of.  When you paint everyone else into a corner, you often find that paint affects you as well.

Now we have a chance to see the pretender in chief as he really is. The power of the press is no longer able to hide the mountains of debt and failed policies. His failures are our failures. His weakness is our weakness and is costing American money as well as blood.

Its time for the madness to end. Put away the hypnotic slogans and all you are left with is a failed actor and the disappointed people around him. No one believes your stuff anymore BHO and your friend Joe stopped being cute a long time ago.

There have been many last straws for me but today was truly the last one. Mitt Romney was not my first choice for the Republican nominee. But he has survived a strong process and is now making the kind of impression that people will look at for years and say: Here was a leader. Based on the past few months, we have all been treated to a healthy dose of petulance, rudeness, insincerity, narcissism, incompetence, arrogance, and a sincere lack of integrity. What a fine example for the troubled children of America.

In so many words, is it any wonder that the children of Chicago and others that look like Obama’s sons are harming themselves and so many others? 

Leaders lead whether in an effective way or in a bad way. This presidency will go down as an example of the absolute worst possible kind of leadership.

You built that and that’s no Bullshit Barrack. Thanks for nothing.

Mister Mac

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