How much outrage can you stand? Reply

America has been a place of many blessings through out its history.

Tragedy has never been far away, but the promise of a brighter tomorrow has always been our hallmark. That Lady standing in the harbor of New York has seen her share of joy’s and tragedies.


People from all over the world have yearned to come here to breathe free from maniacal tyrants and religious dictators. We have always been the melting pot with one common goal: no matter where you came from, this was a place you could aspire to become a part of.

Somehow the dream got twisted along the way. Of course we have had our share of mistakes like any other collection of people. Our methods have not always been free of wrong intent. Sometimes we have had leaders who have taken us down bad roads. Our history is as full of racism and hatred as any other country. The difference is, we have tried to overcome our baser nature. Our rule of law brings us back to center when men and women of courage rise above the fray.

DSCF0039  Stand and Deliver

The result has been that in every crisis and every challenge in the world, the people of the United States of America have risen to the occasion and led the way to recovery. We stood up and gave our blood, our time, our treasure to alleviate the suffering of many people around the world. We have done so with generosity, with benevolence and with compassion. Between individuals, Churches and our collective efforts as represented by our governmental agencies, we have given more than any single nation in the world would or could. Even the pathetic agency called the United Nations would not exist without American commitment.

All throughout our history, we have chosen to be the bringers of food, comfort and relief to the less fortunate. When conditions required it, we brought the very best of who we were. Our sons and daughters  have sacrificed themselves for other’s freedoms. I have been to cemeteries all over the world where Americans found a resting place that was bought with blood.

D Day 1  DSC00938

What about our enemies? What have they brought? Dictatorships covered with blood. Death camps. Religious leaders who cry more for death than forgiveness. Anger at pathetically stupid perceived insults. The Twin Towers destruction along with the thousands of innocents who did nothing more than come to work one September morning. Heroes killed in ambushes by sick deviants. Roadside bombs provided by hate mongers. Women and children tortured and killed by men who are driven by religious hatred. Their OWN women and children for a nameless faithless deity made up by a man with his own internal demons.

The appeaser in chief has had his day. He groveled and offered his apologies to the mad man who are fueled by the very evil we have fought for centuries. It didn’t work. They hate us even more but now they have a new strength: they no longer fear us. So the question as our embassies burn is, how much outrage can you stand.

You better get use to seeing fire and bloodshed play out on the TV and internet. Once evil feels its way past the fear of good, anything becomes possible and then evolves to a new reality. It is inside of their heads and hearts and now will grow with cataclysmic outcomes. Just like we found out after 911, they are already at war with us. No amount of wishing will make it go away. I hope you are listening Obama: they are all now Osama. I suspect they always have been.


Mister Mac


another point of view from the left:

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