Listen, media, can we just be a little honest? 1

As a member of the public, I have learned over the years that it’s hard to not have an opinion.


I am crazy about the political nature of our society (some say a little too crazy). I am also very committed to trying to keep my little blog real. I have had to back track from time to time when something I quoted was proven to be wrong or distorted. I have refrained from posting things that were red meat for my brothers and sisters in the conservative world. In the end, it’s always a careful balance.

We are now engaged in one of the most critical conversations as a nation we have ever faced.

One side would have you believe that conservatives are committed to putting all black people back in chains. Their leaders apparently support the notion that conservatives hate clean water, air, the planet itself, anyone of color, anyone who is poor, and now apparently anyone who is a woman.

The other side wants to talk about saving Medicare, stopping unbridled spending on more government programs with no remaining US money to pay for them, and regulations that would drastically redistribute the wealth of America from one group to another.

What used to stand in the middle (or so we thought) were honest brokers in what has been known as the fourth estate.

Now, to be fair, there is no Constitutional recognition of something that has been labeled the “Fourth Estate”. Its just an idea that has evolved over the years as a way to sway public opinion by displaying “facts” and information. What the Constitution does assure is that even an old geezer with a computer and a small following can become a member of this cherished part of American freedom.

Yes, that’s right, theleansubmariner is an unofficial member of an unofficial group that technically doesn’t even exist on paper. I am an unabashed conservative. I see things from a unique point of view. My view is biased by the family members of a number of generations who have served America, a long personal military career, and more hours than I care to admit seeking truth in this electronic age.

I have discovered one thing in my life as a member of the Fourth Estate.

Sometimes people lie about their bias.

Here is my request to all the members of the Fourth Estate from this day forward.

Be bold. Be brave. Be honest. Admit that you like the idea that redistribution of wealth (other than your own of course) is okay. Admit that you hated the bully on the playground who was stronger than you and sometimes gained an advantage. Let your hair fall free, your freak flag fly and finally fess up to the fact that you want “fairness” no matter which millionaire loses his hard earned money and fortunes. You would like nothing better to see the bastards fall on their faces on Wall Street at the stroke of noon on any day ending in “Y”. You think Walter Cronkite honestly reported that the war in Vietnam was lost despite our forces never losing a single fricking battle!!!!! You really believe Obama (like Hitler) has a secret plan or weapon to pull us out of the tailspin disaster he has caused.

Jump out of your comfort zone and call people of a certain religion that follows Jesus “fools”. Show them how contemptible you really think they are in causing the problems of the world. Kiss a member of your own sex on the six o’clock news, mock patriotism that does not reflect your own beliefs and yell at the people who showed up to support Chick-fil-A.

You know you want to do it. Your teachers and mentors in “journalism” showed you the way. This is your big chance to show how brave you really are.

Somehow though, I know you won’t. In the back of your minds, you pity the poor suckers who watch you night after night. They are afraid. They are confused. You want to continue to bring them along one tempting idea after another. Maybe you are just afraid that the dream you have in the middle of the night will come true. They will find out that you are a fake and a liar.  Your own beliefs have made you nothing more than a political hack. For all your idealism, you are nothing more than a mouth piece for one side of an increasingly complicated ideological discussion.

Honestly Soledad, do you really think that people think you are an honest broker? Really? Naaah… you know you don’t.

Update September 12 2012

Apparently it must be contagious over at the old Clinton News Network

Mister Mac

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