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This is a blatant politically biased piece.

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I read this morning that some liberal bloggers have started a new web site to try and motivate the Obama base.

The top reasons to vote for him so far are his stances on LGBT rights, Health Care “reform”(?) and battling the most conservative candidate the Republicans have ever fielded – Mitt Romney. I nearly choked on my coffee on the last one. Frankly, I like Mitt and I think adding Paul Ryan to his ticket is a deal winner for the right. But I would not want to say he is the most conservative Presidential candidate EVER (if you know what I mean).

This inspired me to want to create a list of reasons why you may not actually want to vote for Obama.

In case you have been teetering on the edge of which way to go, here are some things to think about. The Details are not provided in full for each idea but you can probably Google them and fill in the blanks. If I have forgotten any of the reasons that are personal to you, please feel free to add them to the comments.

Here’s a bunch of reasons not to vote for Barrack Hussein Obama

  • Nobel Peace prize for voting “present” then failing to close Gitmo, change the way we fight terrorism or admit that maybe some people still want to destroy America
  • Price of Gas – Taxes, misuse of road tax funds, crippling the gas industry with overregulation and the EPA’s draconian methodology
  • Punishing the oil industry by making them pay a penalty on a type of fuel that doesn’t exist, can’t be produced, and will probably be added to the inventory
  • Jobs (over 42 months above 8%) The real number is much higher since so many have simply fallen by the wayside or are underemployed out of desperation
  • Bridges N Roads and the stimulus – payoffs to government workers and agencies; but only to selected states that happen to be colored blue on the big map
  • Keystone Pipeline – preventing the use of domestic and Canadian oil in order to keep the shortages real to support a failed “green” policy. Cost: Jobs, further dependence on foreign oil, delayed economic recovery
  • Dead Voters: preventing states from cleaning up what is obviously a fractured voting roll that supports democrats. Prosecuting states that try to clean up the mess by requiring a picture ID that is readily available to every citizen and most illegals
  • Fast n Furious, the DEA lack of accountability for a dead American and so many Mexicans they can’t even be counted
  • Saving the Car industry (?) while killing dealerships that were owned by Conservatives
  • Oil leak drama in the Gulf – using hype and fear instead of understanding the true nature of the event which allowed the manipulation of off shore drilling, a life long goal of progressives and anti-Americans everywhere
  • Windmills that don’t work since there is no concentrated plan to get the energy into the grid in a meaningful way
  • Cap n trade – pushing a phony green plan that benefits people like Al Gore who set up a false company to benefit from selling “credits” in a market that doesn’t even exist
  • TARP – yes, Bush started it, but the handing out of taxpayer dollars to cronies as payback for their support in the 2008 election should be a criminal offense of the highest order. Prosecuting it though would require an actual Justice Department and a Congress with a spine
  • START treaty and LOST treaty – a complete surrender of American sovereignty at a time when we need protection the most. The mere fact that we were at one point discussing a UN control of guns should be reason alone to shut this administration down
  • The Betrayal of our Allies in Poland and Israel
  • Health care – Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi passing a bill that no one had read, no one understood, and adds trillions to the public debt at a time when we are sinking
  • Card check – shoving unions down people’s throats despite their illegal violation of people’s rights under the Constitution
  • Arizona and Texas border – abandoned the citizens of those states in the face of unbridled gun running, drug trafficking, and invasion of illegals.
  • Global warming hoax continuation and propagation – spending needed American funds on a hoax of global proportions
  • NASA – the destruction of an American icon and surrender of our space initiative at exactly the same time as the Chinese are ramping theirs up. Will we look up someday and see the circling Chinese weapons platforms over our skies because we were too naïve to have a plan?
  • ACORN under its previous or current names, this race based organization was and is a way to support the community organizer in chief in his destruction of the American suburbs
  • SOROS – George Soros is an American and Jew hating billionaire that singlehandedly wants to destroy the American way of life only to add to his profits … the only small satisfaction one can hold is that he will stand naked before God and have to answer for his part in the Holocaust
  • Electric cars that no one wants to buy and have to be subsidized by the America Taxpayer at an egregious cost.
  • Propping up some home owners and abandoning others while allowing Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to escape from any culpability for their role in destroying the American homeownership dream
  • Supreme court appointments – appointing two of the most biased jurists in American history and being in a position to do more damage in the next four years
  • Destruction of the Military – taking a pass on fixing sequestration, shrinking the fleet, Don’t ask, Don’t tell, I could go on for weeks
  • Foreign policy that supports the rise of Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists. Sitting idly by while the Iranian freedom movement tried to fight the reelection of a Jew hating monster, leading from behind through the entire Arab spring, doing nothing while Syria burns from within… Cowardice in the face of the enemy
  • Education Department growth out of control and financial payoffs to the NEA for the electoral support. The sooner both are gone, the sooner we can recapture the position of educational superiority in the world again.
  • EPA – for its blatant destruction of the coal industry and power plants, gasoline and nuclear energy organizations, and anything else that doesn’t involve the use of pixy dust as a sole source of power
  • Solyndra and all of the other companies that took your tax dollars for a pipe dream and then went belly up
  • MF Global – the rape of Americas financial system by democratic hacks and NO PROSECUTION of the guilty bastards
  • Eric Holder – a man who blatantly bases all of his decisions on race rather than justice
  • Black Panthers no accountability because of political appointees, no prosecution, no assurance it won’t happen again
  • IRS – uncontrolled growth to support obamacare
  • Welfare – no more work requirements despite the illegality of the way Obama did it
  • Murder Rate Chicago is leading the way… four more years is plenty of time to spread this to the rest of the country
  • Entitlements
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • "You didn’t build that"
  • The Police acted "STUPIDLY" (the beer summit)
  • Open mic #1 "I have to deal with (Netanyahu) every day " (to Nicolaus Sarkosi)
  • Open mic #2: to Putin "After I’m elected I’ll have a lot more flexibility"

Finally: He Told us he should not be reelected if he couldn’t get the job done.

I take the man at his word (well maybe only this one time…)

Any other reasons I may have forgotten?

Mister Mac


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