What will you tell your grandchildren?

All of us will leave a legacy when we pass to the next world. Some will be lengthy and some will be rather modest. I am at the age where I read the obituaries in the local paper. Its kind of ghoulish in a way since I am not from here and really don’t know any of the names or families. But I like to see the written stories of people who lived a full life as well as those who have been tragically taken before their time.


I especially like to read the stories with American Flags printed right above their names. For the last few years, there have been more and more and their stories could fill whole books. They served in the European Theater, the Pacific campaign, D-day, the Battle of the Bulge, the Philippines and on and on. They wore Army or Air Corps green, Navy or Coast Guard Blue, and Marine Cammies. The obituaries often have as little to say about their service as they themselves have shared since they came home. Most just quietly went back to work raising a family and helping to build the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

The Korean and Viet Nam age folks are starting to appear more and more. I assume that at some point in the not too distant future I will join the list. No complaints. I have had a really terrific life and will be glad for the next opportunity. The time is coming where even my generation will completely turn over the reins to the next group.

The question is, what will we tell our grandchildren?

The millions of men and women who went off to save the world for democracy left a significant mark. They temporarily stopped the march of aggression from one enemy only to see another rise in its place. But the people who kept the faith throughout the entire cold war were rewarded when the Soviet Union was finally laid bare and its lies and distortions came crumbling down around them.

We have made so many advances in America that we can rightly be proud. Equality has taken great strides forward. We no longer blindly accept prejudice against people as we once did and our ability to speak freely has increased a thousand fold even from our early beginnings where that right mainly resided on a piece of untested paper signed by the founders.

Many people took tremendous pride in the 2008 elections to see a man of color raised to the highest office in the land. He and his followers offered a new day, new hope, and proof that even a man with his humble backgrounds could become the leader of this nation.

Well, we have that out of our system now so lets consider what else we got for the bargain. We are more in debt now than at any point in our history. We spread money around like chicken feed and found out the chickens were actually vultures. We decided to break up the oil monopolies in the middle of the worst recession we have ever seen in order to force the country to adopt progressive green policies. Most of the companies we threw money at have either gone bankrupt or are being supported by further government money. The printing presses are spinning faster than a centrifuge and it is all being backed up by people who don’t like us.

Have you taken the time to explain to your grandchildren the cost of this noble experiment? I think the occupy movement may have just been the tip of the spear. Unless there is a change that returns us to what we were before this fundamental change, our grandchildren will inherit a slavery which may be impossible to overcome in their lifetimes.

Its not just our president either. Earmarks and pork are destroying our legacy. Our own greed and graft in what we expect from our congressmen and senators has added fuel to the fire. It is time to stop and take measure.

America has been great because of the freedom and undying spirit of being a part of this republic has always overcome obstacles in the past. We did the hard work because we pulled together and used our collective strength to beat back the things that would destroy us. That is not possible with the group that have been in Washington the past few years. Giving them another term in office will be worse that putting a collective gun to our heads.

You have two things you can tell your grandchildren. The first is “I am terribly sorry, but we have sold you and your future into slavery”. The second is that you were part of the next great generation that finally woke up to the dangers created by having neophytes and amateurs in charge of the people’s business. You fought every day for a future that would be safe, secure and provide a mechanism for individuals to become as successful as they want without worrying about someone coming along and taking most of their gains for redistribution.

The difference is clear. But you can’t wait until November to get engaged. You are already late.

Mister Mac

Oh, yeah… Happy New Year

15 thoughts on “What will you tell your grandchildren?

  1. “You have two things you can tell your grandchildren. The first is “I am terribly sorry, but we have sold you and your future into slavery”. The second is that you were part of the next great generation that finally woke up to the dangers created by having neophytes and amateurs in charge of the people’s business.”

    Very well said and that’s what it’s all about.

  2. A little off track to the political nature of this thread, but the US Submarine Veterans also maintain a registry of deceased submariners, along with basic info about their service, located at http://www.ussvi.org under the Eternal Patrol button. It is part of our core values that we never forget the service of those submariners who have gone before us.

    1. Patrick, Thanks for the reminder about the great work that USSVI does to maintain the memory of those who had so much to do with preserving our freedoms.

  3. When I read about battles, whether they occurred a thousand years ago or yesterday, I see it as people killing other people’s children. Makes no sense. I would tell my grandchildren be warriors for peace and participation, which requires a mindful approach to human relationships. Advocate for the common good for humanity, the little creatures and the earth.

    Thanks for your thoughtful post.

  4. Hello Patrick. Though I don’t make a habit of it, I find reading the obits to be a fascinating activity as it is the last window into a person’s life. So much can be gleaned by those last few words…and people can be so interesting. Sadly, the habit of writing obits is slowly fading out of practice.

    The larger part of your post was written when the monkeys in office were swinging from the trees or sitting around eating bananas the loudest…maybe they still are but we don’t hear about it as much.

    If I could leave a message to my grandchildren it would be along the lines of the honor and pride one feels when working hard for a good cause…and the unsustainability of the “hand out” lifestyle that is currently dominant in the US. I am not against charity, I just don’t feel wholesale charity is the solution. There is still a part of me that believes if you got rid of the corruption and graft involved in the workforce arena, there would still be plenty of money for the economy.

    And why do we keep getting our noses into other countries’ civil wars…isn’t that how world wars are started?

  5. Reblogged this on theleansubmariner and commented:

    Two years ago, I penned these thoughts about America’s future. Looking at the events from this week, I am more convinced than ever that we are facing a national crisis. The White House is routinely lying to the American people on everything from health care to Benghazi. Old allies no longer trust our word and we are mocked by our enemies. Nothing this administration says can be trusted now. How did this happen? More importantly, how do we stop the slide into complete insignificance? If America fails, what will fill that void?

  6. As ever an important, fine post – you really are doing an important job here for you make the likes of me stop for a moment and ‘think.’ Good on you!

  7. Sir, your words are clearly heard – by the less than the majority. But one thing “the majority” cannot see is that they themselves have become the enemy.

  8. A very insightful post.
    The political aspects of the post were well described, and can only be considered correct in the world arena of greed and corruption.

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