Where in the world are you? 2

May 6, 2012: Welcome Egypt!

“As Salaam alakum”

(Still no word from Greenland)

Original Post: 

In a very early blog, I asked this question since I was curious about where my readers live.

Obviously the majority live in the USA but I have also had many visitors from the expected areas (where English is spoken fairly frequently).

In February of this year, my home site started showing where people live based on the information  in their internet providers.

Since February, theleansubmariner has appeared in 71  countries on every continent.

Notably Absent:

Communist China


North Korea


I am also not seen in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Cambodia and Greenland

(To be fair, I am not sure if they have the internet in Greenland yet so they have a pretty good excuse)

So what conclusions should you make about theleansubmariner?

  1. The Communists are terrified of my writing and have blocked me from their people

  2. The Arab Spring is worried that exposure to my writing will make an Arab Fall

  3. The UN should send an emergency team to Greenland to find out why they are not using their internet

If you are from Greenland and suspect that the data collection teams here at theleansubmariner have missed your visits, please leave me a note. Thanks to everyone else for stopping by.

Mister Mac


  1. Hi, I love your .45 story. Who built the .45 in the photo? It looks like my Sig. When I went into Kuwait at the end of the Gulf War (with MIUW 202) I carried a .45 and a M16 A1. I notice you were on the G. Washington, but I didn’t catch when. I had a friend in Boot Camp who went to Lakes for A school with me. In the end he went Nuc. and I went on the USS Canopus AS 34. Spent ’70, ’71 in Scotland. He went to the Washington. His name was George Minnigh (sp? been along time). Did you ever run into him? I often where he ended up, he was into T-Birds.

    • Not sure about the 45… stock picture I think. Was on the GW from 73-75. Scotland from 90-91 on the Los Alamos as the Docking Officer. The name sounds familiar but only from a hazy memory… Thanks for the visit. Mac

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